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Get to know us the way we are:

Dhruba Adhikari is "the Man, Vision and Motivation behind’’Trek Nepal Now Pvt. Ltd."  One unique thing about ‘Dhruba’ is he never hesitates to go the extra mile to make your holidays something ‘literally unforgettable’.

Dhruba has been working in the field of treks, tours and ‘Pure Adventure’ holidays since 1998. He has specialized in treks and tours throughout Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. Dhruba has a special love for his own country, Nepal, and also a great love & care for Mother Nature & is very protective about its environment wherever he travels in the Himalayas. He loves sharing his knowledge and hard earned experiences with others. Dhruba, the offspring of a simple family hailing from the great Himalayas itself; is also a highly organized person & plans your trip right up to the minutest of details with nothing escaping his eyes.

Being highly proactive in the tourism industry has always been the perfect business for Dhruba. Since 1998, he has led a fairly large number of trekking groups throughout the Himalayan region, and he is proud to say that until now he never once failed guiding most of his clients safely to the top of several 5000m plus mountains. He has a zest & zeal for his job & truly enjoys it right to the hilt.

Dhruba was born in the Mid-Western region of Nepal, in the small and remote village of Phul Kharka, which is located just below the famous Manaslu-Ganesh Himal mountain range. Near the famous Manaslu peak is the well known Ganga Jamuna mini-peaks that is said to hold precious stones of rubies & gems & is restricted from climbing. The construction for a national Park is also in the pipeline in this area as proposed by the government of Nepal. A very famous fair is also held here annually during full moon nights. Dhruba has lived on these mountains since a little kid & is familiar with some of the most beautiful spots on these famous mountains.

Born into a family of simple means where his family’s meager earnings solely came from farming, Dhruba had to start work at an early age. It wasn’t always easy to combine both work and study, but his focus and determination proved to be strong and he succeeded in completing the School Leaving Certificate {SLC} at the village school set up by the government. His friendly nature and helpful characteristics endeared him to both the teachers at the school in his village and among the villagers. Dhruba was always in the forefront of all activities conducted in the village & at school. He was the first student in the village to organize welcome ceremonies for trekkers visiting his village which made the local folks proud of him. At this stage; Dhruba had no idea that he would one day be a professional guide himself, taking around foreign trekkers on some of the most beautiful trails in the world & to his village onto the highly popular Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Although Dhruba had no support during his teenage years in trying to build up his experience in the travel industry, with a view of doing own his travel business one day, he started his work in the tourism industry from the ground level as a humble porter, he persevered some of the most difficult situations in life, and finally reached his goal of creating his own Adventure Company, well known today as ‘Trek Nepal Now’. He is happy that he is able to provide jobs to people who were in similar situation as him {Dhruba} in the earlier years and played his role in supporting an economically poor landlocked nation he was born into.

The past 13 years of hard but exciting work have given Dhruba a good understanding of the needs of International travelers. He can offer his experience and knowledge, not only about trekking, but about all possibilities in the Himalayan region, including the local traditions, the different religions, and the respect that this beautiful part of the world deserves.

Dhruba’s deep knowledge of his home country, Nepal, together with his talent to create unique and personalized itineraries to traditional and sometimes very remote destinations, which also include well designed cultural tours & excursions, makes him one of the top-ranking experts for adventure travel in Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan.

Dhruba possesses the capacity to manage operations and details very effectively, so that all people involved are satisfied. Some of the profits of his company are donated to the disadvantaged people at his home village and orphan children’s homes. Dhruba has come a long way in life today…& there’s no looking back now.

For your travel needs in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan you can contact Dhruba at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Our Philosophy

We believe in 'Sustainable Tourism' through Eco-friendly Practices that right down to earth as it is on the mountains of Nepal. Our Philosophy is, 'Tourism for Development…Tourism for life’. Dhruba Adhikari is one of the practical activists in the development of Sustainable Tourism Development in Nepal and also one of the serious promoters of Eco-Trekking activities in this landlocked Himalayan country.

Our Environmental Considerations

The wonderful environment of the Himalayas is also an extremely fragile one. Increasing population density and the number of trekkers threatens to destroy the very beauty which attracts us in the first place. At ‘Trek Nepal Now’, we are extremely conscious about the environmental conditions and aim to minimize our impact as much as possible.

As deforestation is one of greatest environmental threats, we do not make campfires and use kerosene for cooking as an alternative fuel to wood. We also discourage trekkers from using wood-fueled hot showers in lodges along the way. Many lodges, however, now provide solar hot showers, a far more Eco-friendly alternative.

Garbage disposal is another major problem and some of the busier trails can, at times, appear strewn with litter. Our staff members are well motivated towards Eco-friendly practices. We carry out all our garbage, apart from that which can be safely and easily burnt at the campsite. Our aim is to help protect and preserve this beautiful environment for future generations of trekkers to enjoy.

We sincerely observe Responsible Tourism practices, and our policies are guided by the principles of Economic Responsibility, Social Responsibility, and Environmental Responsibility.

The sad truth is that most trekking companies are reluctant to contribute when it comes to being environmentally sensitive. The result is, the whole Himalayan environment has been endangered, and as a consequence environmental ecosystems throughout the world have suffered. We design our itineraries and operate on the field guided by the principles of Eco-tourism and sustainable tourism. All of our staffs have been given environmental training and are all very sensitive to the delicate Eco-systems we hike into on the trails.
"Take pictures, leave only foot prints…& Love Our Earth” is our motto for preserving the environment.

Trek Nepal Nowwelcomes you to Nepal…come & share with us our beautiful, lush green& fertile country Nepal…for this is GOD’S own country…


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