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Nepal, a land of high hills, mountains, raging rivers and verdant deep jungles of Terai & its rich culture makes one of the most sought destinations in the worlds map. A destination for all season as it is one of the most diverse and varied countries on this planet a unique country nestled in the gorgeous snow capped range is another creation of the mother earth and it embraces worlds' eight highest peaks from Mt.Everest, Mt.Kanchenjonga, Mt.Lhotse, Makalu, Cho Oyu, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu to Annapurna massive. Nepal is also the birth place of Buddha (Light of Asia) for interested Buddhist pilgrims as well.

Blessed with rich nature, the Great Himalayan in Nepal range stretches from the far North West to the Far East where the worlds highest 8th Eight Thousander are in Nepal.

30 Ways that's makes Nepal Mountaineering Expeditions popular:

  1. Mountaineering Expeditions since last 1950's: When Nepal and its Himalaya was closed to the outside world during the Rana regime in the 1950's the first expeditions to Annapurna by Herman Herzog further highlighted the mountaineering Expeditions to Nepal.

  2. Tenzing and Hillary with Sir John Hunt British 1953: Sir John British Expeditions to Mt.Everest via the Sotuh col was another triumph when Tenzing and Edmund Hillary conquer the Mt.Everest in May 29th 1953. This was the major highlight for the expeditions in Nepal.

  3. Mountaineering Expeditions to high 8,000m peaks: Further in the 1960's and 70's Expeditions to Mt.Everest and to other Eight Thousander meters gigantic mountains was a major challenge and popular for the climbers as Nepal with it's Mt.Everest south col, Mt.Kanchenjonga, Mt.Lhotse, Mt. Makalu, Mt.Cho-Oyu, Mt.Dhaulagiri, Mt.Manaslu and Mt.Annapurna I.

  4. Expeditions made easier by the high land Sherpa: For the extreme climbers the highland Sherpa made it easier as they were the experienced mountain guide naturally even though they lagged some technical knowledge but with their courage and immunity to high altitude was a major assist to the climber and they are the pioneer as mountain guides.

  5. Expeditions with veteran Nepali mountain guides: Nepal with its professional mountain guide further made it easier as they could carry the heavy equipment and food to the high camps and ferrying the load up and down was much safer easier to manage the expeditions and to find the routes to its summits.

  6. Domesticated Yaks and Ghopkyo for the Expeditions: As with the heavy load for major expeditions Sherpa and other porters were not enough to ferry the load of more than 20 tons of Expeditions equipment and food supply, as the high country of Nepal could help and manage the climbers using Yaks and cross breed animals like Ghopkyo to carry and transfer the gears to their chosen destination at Base Camp.

  7. Helping Nepal to sustain its economy through Expeditions: Now after the 1970's the Nepal Government allowed the climbers with special permits fees designed to allow you to focus only on the climbing by specific routes with Government Liaison Officer to survey the expeditions. The fee provides help the Nepal economy sustaining its standard for the future climbers as well.

  8. Help from the Government and Guides: Negotiating with officials, organizing porters and yaks and arranging flights and transport can waste a lot of energy and time. If Sherpa are required on the mountain, one can help organize their movement and loads, and can help negotiate with other teams - as is very helpful on High Mountains of over 6,800 to 8000m.

  9. Expeditions high altitude practice and to acclimatize: Nepal Himalayan High Valley & Alpine Pass Trek ranges from the far west to eastern Himalayas which helps the climbers to use these small peaks of less than 6600m offering you the most staggering traverse and fascinating high valleys to the arctic landscapes to practice before the major expeditions.

  10. Fully guided expeditions with the help of Nepali guides: As Nepal is popular with the expeditions the main reason is that in Nepal one can hire professional local guides that are very familiar with your chosen mountain, along with the strongest guide or a Sherpa, organize all of the logistics and help you better organize yourself even before you arrive in Nepal.

  11. Cooperation and help from Nepali guides & company: On arrival at Kathmandu the company booked can arrange everything, flights, transport, permits and hotels. On the mountain the guides and Sherpa act as your team and together you climb the mountain, if training is required before the departure, can arrange it. Once on the mountain, all rope is fixed for you and all camps are put in place. This allows you to climb with the greatest safety level possible. Wasting very little energy, making it possible to climb the highest mountains in the world!

  12. Nepal and its Himalaya destination chosen by expeditions: Nepal with its panoramic chain of snow peaks are well chosen by the expeditions and by other adventure lovers one can designed for all types of outdoor adventure from easy, moderate to challenging to suit every people from all walks of life.

  13. Mountaineering Expeditions to 8th Eight Thousand mountains: Nepal with Mt. Everest from South col, Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Makalu. Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Manaslu Mt. Annapurna makes this country a popular expedition's destination with choice of mountains to pick as per the mountaineers reuirement. 

  14. Nepal and its bordering mountains: Some of the high mountains of eight thousand meters which is not safe and assailable from Nepal side can be climbed from its North side from Tibet using all the Nepal guides and companies to cater the need of the expeditions, the mountains that borders Nepal Mt.Everest, Mt. Cho Oyu which are normally climbed from the other side with logistic support from Nepal organizers.

  15. Nepal can transport the expeditions to bordering countries: As Nepal is located bordering countries like India and Tibet (China) for all kinds of travelers and for mountaineers makes it possible to travel into these countries through Nepal. Nepal’s at its best connection, Kathmandu can assist its requirement to the neighboring countries high mountain peaks using Nepal agents.

  16. Nepal the destination with easy assist with airlines: Nepal has major airlines that connects with mid Asia bordering China and India, has an advantage to the expeditions to move and to connect with the quickest and smooth flight assist to the Far East or to the south East Asian countries where the International Airlines can connect as per the traveler’s flight schedule to respective destination and as well assist to travel to Lhasa, Tibet or to India via Kathmandu and other parts of Nepal.

  17. Nepal for 7000 meters and below Expeditions: For those who are interested apart from 8,000m can experience in mountaineering before planning the 8,000m peaks can first try on these 7,000m or below peaks like Mt. Pumori, Mt. Langtang Lirung, Mt. Gangapurna, Mt. Baruntse, Ama Dabalam and many more.

  18. Expeditions availability for mountaineering equipments: In Nepal there are many renting and hiring mountaineering shops or to buy this makes it easier and available for all kinds of mountaineering expeditions and to rely on instead of bringing from their home countries.

  19. Expeditions trek before the climb in Nepal Himalaya: In all expeditions before the final climb needs to trek towards the base camp, and this is one of the main reason Nepal is famous as trekking destination, flows of visitors in Nepal is Trekking it is indeed regarded as the world’s best and scenic trekking area.

  20. Expeditions to Trekking Peaks: Nepal offers varied of peaks over 5,500 to 6000m for the adventurous people who have the awe for adrenaline or breathe taking adventure; these peaks can be climbed by any basic climber or professional mountaineer with the guides and proper equipments as per the challenge, time and duration of the climb.

  21. Camping facilities for the expeditions: Very important is camping without it one can not run expeditions to various climbing destination, Nepal has more 1000 major companies that can supply and organsie a good camp set with individual kitchen unit of cook-kitchen staff-guides and porters with standard camping equipments and foods.

  22. On Expeditions Nepal a natural garden: On towards expeditions before the climb one can enjoy Nepali country side wild garden as Nepal, a wilderness paradise, has much to offer apart from the high snow capped mountain range, 2% of all the flowering and herbal medicine plant in the world, and it has magnificent rich and varied fauna and flora owing to the diverse topography and to a wide range altitude and climatic zones.

  23. On expeditions one can observe various species of birds life: Nepal habitats 8% of the world’s population of birds (more than 857 species). It is a paradise for the ornithologist to observe bird life in Nepal from the mid Himalaya to the low land of Terai and its Jungle or the marshland, due to its different climatic and landscapes and vegetation bird’s life varies in each Himalayan belt.

  24. On expeditions one can observe various wild life: On expeditions one can observe wild life from Himalayan Thar-Musk Deer-Mountain Goats-Monkeys-Mongoose-Hare Mouse-Blue Sheep and the elusive  Snow Leopard this one of the aspect in mountaineering adventure as well. 

  25. Expeditions interest in Nepal’s Historical places: On Expeditions one can enjoy Nepal's ancient history and culture has so many things to take pride on it with its several historical monuments and palaces outside the capital one can visit outside Kathmandu, historical sites like the Kapilvastu, Lumbini in the south west to pay homage to Lord Buddha’s birth place. Palpa town with its old palace and forts that were used for centuries and still exists, the Gorkha Palace the seat of the Shah dynasty since 15-16th centaury.

  26. Expeditions with Eco-value: Always leading the scenic, cultural routes to provide absolute wilderness away from the main trails giving new experience to our valuable guests along with our warm hospitality and as well preserving the beautiful nature and its environment from destruction. To keep the mountain clean a deposit for garbage applies in all expeditions.

  27. Expeditions on welfare and safety: All the companies that run expeditions are well aware of their guest safety and have given top priority and as well the welfare of the staffs and porters. Helicopter Services in case of emergency and with full medical supply on treks and expeditions.

  28. Experience expedition staff: All the guides and trip staffs on leisure and adventure trips are competent professionals, each with over decades of experience on all types of trail conditions and mountain path. Professionally trained catering team will accompany you on treks and expeditions, which they have undertaken on countless occasions.

  29. Expeditions or Trekking / Guides: All Trekking-Mountaineering Expeditions are escorted by well trained and knowledgeable English-speaking guides who know the trails like the back of their hands all the way to the summit this is a major help for the expeditions.

  30. Expeditions can visit Festivals on route to respective mountains: Nepal is not only the land of mountains; it is also the land of festivals. There are more than 50 festivals celebrated in Nepal every year. While the national festivals have fixed dates, religious festivals are set by astrologers following the lunar calendar. The best part about the festivals in Nepal is that all the events are celebrated with the same enthusiasm and galore the way it used to be hundreds of years ago when people had no other means of entertainment. On route to expeditions one can take part or enjoy with locals in their merriment.



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