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Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal: What’s it like?

Trekking & Hiking in Nepal can be holidays that test your physical abilities & inspire your emotional well being.  In other words, trekkers & Hikers leave home & cross the oceans to explore the unknown; to get a feel of the wild. Indeed, from the flatlands of the terai with its warm and thriving vegetation to the icy slopes of some of the highest mountainous altitudes on earth, hikers & backpackers are bound to experience a tryst with some of the most fascinating natural landscapes ever beheld and delight in the thrills of a true spirit that comes with adventure when hiking the trails out in the wilderness.  It’s a gratifying feeling when trekking out in the Nepalese Himalaya as you camp out in the jungles under starry skies, yield to the rugged beauty of the wilderness, connect with the wonders of nature, eat and sleep under a full moon sky, sing and dance around campfires and share a meal with local folks. There couldn’t be a better way to flee from the hustling and stressful irritation of everyday life in the mangled metropolises that we all live in and to rejuvenate and enjoy the elixirs that can only be found in pure nature at its very best.

The types of treks we have in Nepal:

Nepal is a 'trekkers' paradise', on the world map for the adventure traveler; trekking is possible even for the casual tourist. Trekking in its various styles is an increasingly popular activity occurring in the world today. With over 250,000 participants annually, Trekking is so popular because of the land forms in this remarkably varied country, and because of the nature of the Nepali spirit. The more you are sensitive to the ways of Nepal, the more intimate and wonderful you will experience this wonderful country. Trek Nepal Now offers strenuous, medium and light trekking as well as expedition programs on some of the most famous trails in the world. We also encourage our guests to interact with the local folks & get to understand their culture & lifestyles on some of the most difficult territory on earth. ‘Trek Nepal Now’ believes in real Eco-friendly & down-to-earth adventures where conservation & protection of the areas we trek in are prioritized right from the on start of our entire trek programs.

  • Trekking as a soft adventure

    The best way to experience Nepal's unbeatable combination of natural beauty and cultural richness is to walk through them. The immense contrasts in altitudes and climates found here support an equally spectacular mix lifestyle, vegetation types and wildlife. Trekking in the mountains of Nepal is more a cultural experience than a wilderness expedition. You will be passing through picturesque villages inhabited by diverse ethnic groups. There are two types of trekking in the country and they are:
  1. Teahouse Trekking

    This trek is made for individual clients and for budget travelers who prefer their treks to be a little convenient. During this trek, all the meals & accommodations will be provided at the lodges – which we call in the local language ‘Bhatti’. A guide/Sirdar and one porter will accompany guests on these kinds of treks. For obvious reasons, these treks will also provide equal opportunity to enjoy the views of the nature and culture while hiking through these trails.  The Camping Trek has richer services than Tea-House Treks because Camping Trekkers pay more.  And the spirit of adventure is truly enjoyed. However, teahouse lodge treks also have their specialties; both are tremendously enjoyed throughout Nepal on the rugged trails found on Nepal’s numerous mountains.

    All the meals will be provided at lodges. Our trained trek guides take maximum care to ensure that hygiene is mandatory when on the mountains. Hot water will be served on request. Mineral water is available on the way or at the lodges where you crash out.

  2. Camping Treks

    These are highly organized Treks & are popularly called ‘Camping Treks’. This trek will provide an amazing environment to the trekkers’ to learn culture more closely and within very friendly parameters. During this trek all the accommodations will be provided at the camp. The trekking crew members that include the Sirdar, Guide, Cook, Sherpa, kitchen staff and Porters will take care of all the necessary services that come with this highly organized trek.  The necessary equipments for the trek such as tents, dining tents, toilet tents, shower tent, chairs and tables, sleeping bags, mattress, Ice-axe, and kitchen utensils will be provided by ‘Trek Nepal Now’.

    Our trek staff has been trained to take maximum care under high hygienic conditions; water is properly boiled before preparing tea or coffee. Food on the trek is wholesome and freshly prepared for each meal. Only rarely do we supplement it with canned food which is used more on longer treks. Also we strictly advise our guests not to drink water from tea shops or streams on the way as this may badly upset the stomach & spoil an otherwise highly enjoyable venture. Boiled water is always supplied by our camp staffs who will refill water bottles during breakfast and dinner times. Camping treks are highly adventurous & creates warm congenial harmony among all guests who sometimes strike-up lifetime friendships that last forever. Many unmarried guests find their lifetime partners on these highly interesting camping treks where most hikers prefer to bunk out under starry moonlit skies at midnight under the protection of campfires lit around the tents to ward of hungry animals on the prowl. Plan your ventures with Trek Nepal Now & enjoy a host of adventures that live in your memories for a whole generation to come.

Feel free to contact us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , we will be glad to serve you in ways that touch the heart.


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